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Good, reliable information, fast.  That’s essential to growers in today’s competitive marketplace, as they must respond to changing field conditions and make irrigation decisions without delay.  And good information, fast, is what Jacobsen Pacific delivers. 

By maintaining constant communication with our growers, learning their practices and production goals, we are able to send meaningful, accurate reports in concise detail regarding their irrigation strategy. Each report contains current soil moisture levels, field observations, moisture changes over the past 7 days, and our recommendation on when and how much to irrigate – just what growers need to gain a true competitive edge.



“Jacobsen Pacific is timely, professional and dependable.  They come out and take weekly readings, and send me a simple, clear report by e-mail.  I know I can just pick up my phone and work with them.”

- Brad Van Elderen, Grower -

503 ELITE Hydroprobe.png


At Jacobsen Pacific, we provide superior accuracy all the way down to the atomic level by using neutron scattering technology for estimating the amount of water in the soil.  In a previously-installed access tube, we lower our  hydroprobe into the surrounding soil all the while emitting a neutron ion “cloud”. The ions collide with hydrogen ions (H2O) that is equal in mass (imagine a hard-struck cue ball crashing into billiard balls). These collisions cause the neutron ions to slow considerably, which are then counted by the probe and used to determine the level of water in the soil.Our measurements are taken at several depths within an orchard or vineyard block throughout the growing season. 

Currently, Jacobsen Pacific provides service for more than 700 orchards and vineyards throughout Central California. Of course, the accuracy of this technology is directly related to the expertise of the technician, and that’s where Jacobsen Pacific really shines. We have the special licensing, operator training, handling, shipping and storage procedures required for the use of neutron hydroprobes, with the knowledge and experience to ensure accurate, reliable results every time.

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