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While some firms are focused on building big client lists, we’re focused on building strong relationships with the growers we serve. That means demonstrating integrity and trust every day. Providing consistent communication. Following-up our recommendations with personal contact. Being willing to work with growers one-on-one, and flexible enough to make needed adjustments. The firm’s ability to provide accurate, timely information in an easy-to-read format has made it the soil moisture management company of choice not only for the region’s largest growers, but also the smallest of family farms. No wonder our clients enjoy singing our praises.




“Irrigation management is the most important operation you do in an orchard.  Receiving reliable information on the timing of when to irrigate is a very valuable tool.  What Jacobsen Pacific does with the neutron hydroprobe helps them pass on the right information to growers, and the reports are easy to read.  They’ll work around your schedule, coming out early or late – whatever is necessary to get the job done.  Erik has good judgment, timing things out and coming up with good conclusions.”

- Lawrence Sambado, Grower/Packer/Shipper -

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